About the Book

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This book was written to start a new conversation about how Dr. Simeons’ protocol has relevance, not only as a hormonal therapy, but as a means to end our national eating disorder. Instead of continuing to apply the protocol as a short-term diet, it should be discussed as a real solution—a tool to end irrational eating for emotional fulfillment. This country is dealing with a crisis: an addiction to eating emotionally, and the obvious result is the overwhelming increase in obesity.

Have you ever wondered how different eating would be if a food shortage forced you to ration your food to last as long as possible? Would you eat when bored—or until you were full? Would you eat breakfast even if you weren’t hungry, or eat to celebrate, or deal with hardship? Truth is: without feeling hungry, eating would not make sense.

Hunger is one of our most underrated, underused, and under-discussed senses, even though it’s built right into the body’s own survival mechanisms. But as we no longer have to hunt, gather, farm, preserve, and ration our daily food intake, we’ve completely lost touch with how valuable this sense is. In doing so, we’ve developed a cultural model designed around excessive and emotional eating.

What if our access to the mass availability of food was diminished? Emotional eating would not be an option. We would have no gluttony or dysfunctional eating, exercising excessively would be unwise, and obesity and associated diseases would ultimately decline.

Today, it’s as simple as having a desire for emotional freedom from eating and dieting, and making the choice to be self-sufficient—not because you’re forced to by famine, but to eat less because you want to.

In Weight Loss Apocalypse, Woodall combines the science of hunger, with Dr. Simeons’ hCG protocol. She gives a new hypothesis as to how the hCG could prevent symptoms of starvation, explains why it improves metabolic rates, and why the protocol should be used as rehabilitation that ends emotional eating.