Julee’s Story

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Age: 52 * Results typically vary.

Finding Mind:Body Weight Loss is one of the top 10 things that has happened in my life. I didn’t start having weight problems until after I had a baby at the age of 36. Since then I’ve been a yo-yo dieter trying to maintain the same weight with very little success. After I turned 50 I could NOT take it any longer and I searched for 2 years to find the answer. Was it hormonal? Was it an activity problem? Was it a thyroid problem? What was it and why couldn’t I lose weight?

After much research, Mind:Body Weight Loss fell into my lap at the right and perfect time. This method was backed by great research and results. Their approach helped me identify my eating triggers and what I needed to emotionally deal with to stop the yo-yo cycle. What were my eating triggers? Stress, boredom and any time I saw food I felt the need to eat. What had I not dealt with? Eating when I would feel inscure, stemming from childhood experiences leading me to believe I was not worthy.

Mind:Body Weight Loss coached me through the reasons behind my yo-yo weight problem. They taught me how to stop avoiding insecure feelings and the pain associated with childhood tragedy and begin the healing process. In the past I would mask the pain with food only suppressing any type of healing that could have occurred. I learned to eat for fuel and energy and stopped the cycle of unnecessary eating or eating to mask painful experiences.

The weight loss was a side benefit to the other gifts I received during the protocol. The staff at Mind:Body Weight Loss are informed, helpful, encouraging, empowering and supportive. I have never experienced anything like it. Anyone who enters into this protocol will be blown away by how much they learn about themselves and how healing this protocol can be.

I have been off the protocol for some time now and do not feel the need to eat for any reason other than to fuel my body. My mind and body have been rehabilitated to work the way they were meant to work and to process food as the body was designed.  I now eat to live instead of living to eat. Thank you Mind:Body Weight Loss – you have empowered me to live life to the fullest.
Julee, Idaho

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau