Cindy from San Francisco

I have been dieting and binge eating for over 30 years. My mother was obsessed with being thin, chastised us for eating “bad” food, and put me on a diet before I was 10.

When I turned 40 I decided I would focus my efforts towards meditation, spirituality, and healing. In order to address my history and my emotional eating I went to a therapist that specialized in eating disorders. I spent four months in therapy before I realized I wasn’t getting past my impulses to eat and my desire to lose weight. That was when I decided to do the hCG protocol.

While researching the protocol, I came across Robin’s Youtube videos. For the first time I was hearing someone who actually get’s what’s in my head. I read Weight-Loss Apocalypse and scheduled to work with Robin.

Robin helped me more in the first 90 minute consultation, than my eating disorder therapist did in four months. I have continued to work with her over the last year.

Her tough love and direct honesty was what I needed to get out of my own controlling head. Today, I can honestly say that I don’t have an eating disorder, I don’t obsess about food, and I am completely secure in my body. I am free to live in a way I thought was impossible.

Thank you Robin!