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Age: 33 * Results typically vary.

I was sixteen and 300 pounds when I realized I needed to go on a diet. I didn’t want to be fat and I didn’t like the way I looked, and so began years of fruitless attempts to lose weight. I estimate spending close to 12 years fighting my body, trying every diet trend that made its way to the surface; perscribed weight loss drugs, supplements, extreme exercise, and every diet known to man.  Imagine a 16 year taking risky and more risky attempts to lose weight (one which may have cost me my gallbladder).

At twenty-five I gave up and resigned myself to what I would call “Fatdom”! I’d fought the battle too long, admitted defeat and decided to make the best out of who I thought I was. Soon I had created an alter ego which was forged by my chosen profession of radio broadcasting. Having a new found creative outlet and a job that quickly inflated the ego gave me the rationale to stop dieting.  I learned to like my size and rationalized why diet and exercise weren’t for me, completely ignoring the imminent health dangers I was subjecting myself too!

Seven years later I had a life changing epiphany. Maybe it was the stacks of plates piled in my room or the overloaded trash bin of fast food wrappers from just a few days, but it all became supremely clear; I had a Binge Eating Disorder. A friend suggested I get help and the more I observed myself I knew I had a problem. I realized my disorder was holding me back from acheiving what I wanted in life.

Immediately I took action! I didn’t want to start the weight loss battle I’d ended 7 years prior and began searching for solutions. I’d heard about the Mind:Body Method from a co-worker and after quickly reviewing the website I knew it was unique. That which separates the Mind:Body Method and all other hCG driven programs or any weight loss method, is their approach to end the cause of the weight problem rather then focusing on the weight loss.  I knew this program was for me!

During my first protocol I began to understand my relationship and addiction to food. I was blown away by constant effort and focus on my food issues rather then the weight loss. During maintenance it became clear why finding and ending the cause was so important. I had to live with food again and without the Binge Eating Disorder. I knew I’d evolved and my life forever changed.

I’ve done the hCG protocol with the help of the Mind:Body Method 3 times now and have lost just about 100 pounds. However, to me the pounds lost is insignificant to the amount of mental strong holds I have repaired and built up through using the Mind:Body Method. I have no doubt soon I will reach my end goal weight (190 – 200 lbs), and more importantly, I have the tools, knowledge, and change necessary to keep from gaining the weight back!