Dana’s Story

I’m 43 year’s old and have been fighting the weight loss battle for over 20 years. All those years feeling shame, fear, disgust and self loathing because I couldn’t get my act together to just lose the weight and keep it off. I’ve tried just about every diet you can think of and would lose some weight to just gain it all back and then some. My heaviest weight was 260 lbs and climbing when a good friend of mine told me about this “New Diet” where you give yourself shots and are on a very low cal diet.

I was very skeptical at first but decided to give it a try. It was truly amazing. I followed the protocol and the pounds came flying off. I can’t lie though. It was tough to follow and I couldn’t wait for it to end and for food to return. I finished the first phase and didn’t even follow the second phase for two seconds. Not only did I end up getting extremely sick, but I gained back my weight during the following 3 months. Then I heard about the Mind:Body Method and decided to do the protocol again, but with a different approach.

So I met with Robin and she gave me the User’s Guide and explained to me the Mind: Body Method approach to the hCG protocol. I agreed to give it a try and made appointments to meet with her every week for measurements and to discuss how my protocol was going.

My first phase is done and not only did I lose the 30 pounds I gained back after my first protocol, but the experience changed my life! Because I was not hungry on the protocol it gave me the opportunity to examine and ask myself, “Why do I want to eat if I’m not hungry?”

I learned food was my drug of choice during every upset, stressful, sad, and mad moment in my life. Food had become my only comfort. It was my comfort and my living nightmare! I created an exhausting habit of dieting because of self disgust and then cheating out of emotional need. All the while feeling like a failure, binging to just start the mad roller coaster over the next day.

I’m now on the second phase of my protocol and I’m so excited to continue this journey of self discovery and healing. It doesn’t matter how many protocols it takes me to get to my goal weight because I know the weight will stay off and nothing can stop me!

I can honestly say Robin and the Mind:Body Method have changed my life and I am so grateful!

Dana B.-