Melissa’s Story

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Age: 36 * Results typically vary.

I was at my best when I was 24: 130 pounds of lean mean muscle mass. Over the course of  eight years I gained 30 pounds, after quitting an active job and having an abortion. With the abortion I carried much guilt and shame and felt my weight was a burden for the choice I made in the life of an unborn child.  I tried losing weight- never fully committing to any particular diet, always excusing, “Well, I’ll start tomorrow.”  Always procrastinating, always delaying tomorrow.

After gaining even more weight after having my son in 2005, I continued to procrastinate and continued to “eat for two”.  At 180 pounds and 50 pounds over weight I realized I was obese.  My father was grossly obese and it was something I constantly worried about because of the added health risks of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Over the course of four years I created a life consumed by two small businesses, volunteer work for a couple non-profit boards, processing my father’s estate (whom died from cancer), while managing my family as a mother and wife. You name it I was doing it.

January 2009 I reached an emotional breaking point that had me asking myself, “Why am I allowing myself to be mistreated by others as well as mistreating myself? Why do I keep procrastinating and putting myself on hold?  Why is it OK for me to self-sabotage? Why do I keep thinking I’ll start tomorrow?”.  By putting myself on hold and allowing the needs of others to take priority I was subconsciously telling myself, “I am worthless.”

I learned about the Mind:Body Method in February 2009 and my mental/physical/spiritual transformation began.  I started at 182 pounds and 38% body fat.  Now, after my second protocol I am 132 pounds and 20% fat. Back to me, where I started and what my body is meant to be at. What most cannot see is the mental and emotional healing that transformed me internally.

The Mind:Body Method and the protocol challenged me to address the issues inside myself that was a result of my own personal abuse. It was a vehicle for extracting myself from the mundane and monotonous unconscious behavior into the role of “conscious observer” where my self-destructive behavior become apparent.

Through the Mind:Body Method I learned useful tools giving me confidence in knowing I could maintain my new weight. The self-awareness gained cannot be understood until it is experienced.  It is life changing. With the protocol as a tool, you are given the ability to reflect on your previous habits and behavior and consciously change.

This Method will change your life. You will love yourself. You will respect yourself. You will honor yourself. By re-learning to embrace the beauty of you, your light will shine bright like a beacon. The weight loss is just a bonus! The pastures are greener, I admit it, and I love me. Truly and deeply, I love me.