Success Stories

Julie’s Story

“How do I begin to explain how much Robin Woodall has changed my life? I lived my entire adult life with a raging eating disorder. It was so bad that I was binging and purging multiple times a day. When I wasn’t purging, I was spending every waking second thinking about food, worrying about what I was eating, reading the latest diet book, or exercising obsessively. I did this all for one reason: to obtain the “perfect body” that I believed would give me security and purpose.

I have a masters degree in counseling, spent thousands on the “best” nutritionists and trainers in NYC, sought therapy and healing in all sorts of forms. I know more about nutrition than most nutritionists! But, secretly inside, I was petrified that I could never be healed, never live without an eating disorder, and never be “normal” around food. Nothing ever worked and I was beginning to lose all hope.

It was at this point in my life that I miraculously met Robin. And after meeting with her and incorporating her teaching into my life, I can say that I have not binged or purged in almost a year!!!! Freedom! I KNOW I WILL NEVER BINGE AGAIN.

I have been able to be honest about my previous eating disorder and body image disorder with the people in my life because I understand why I had it! Robin has helped me to release the shame, guilt and hatred I had for myself all my life, and to learn to live in grace, abundance and love.

This healing has opened up my entire world. I now have time to really pursue things that interest me. I am not obsessing and hating myself. My daughters have a role model they can actually look up to!

I encourage anyone who wants to STOP THE PAIN AND SUFFERING of the dieting/eating disorder roller coaster to work with Robin. It is not always easy…but it is life-giving and life-transforming.”