Where did the hCG protocol come from?

The hCG Protocol is a hormonal therapy that combines hCG with a 500 calorie protocol.  This combination safely allows the body to burn fat at a high rate, reduces hunger, improves the energy signal stemming from the thyroid, all the while preserving both muscle and organ tissue.

Dr. ATW Simeons is the original scientist who studied hCG and it’s influence on obesity for over 40 years. He privately published (in 1967) Pounds & Inches: A New Approach to Obesity. In this book he discusses his research, observations, and his hypothesis for how his hCG protocol works. Dr. Simeons died in 1970. Here is a pdf of  Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and Inches (requires Acrobat Reader).

Today his hCG protocol has made a HUGE resurgence but at the control of the consumer. Because most consumers don’t understand what hCG is actually doing or why the protocol works, they continue to discuss Simeons’ outdated and disputed theories. These theories do not relevantly answer the most important questions that explain how hCG works to prevent symptoms of starvation. So, today there is still much debate as to whether the protocol is safe or it’s not.

However, even though there is still much skepticism, participants swear by their lack of hunger, significant fat loss, continued maintenance of their losses, and describe the protocol as a “miracle”.

Today there is an incredible body of science that could explain how the protocol works.  Our goal is to discuss this science, and teach a modern version of how the hCG protocol is a hormonal therapy that not only removes fat, but also improves the entire endocrine system as a result.