How much weight will I lose?

Do not expect to lose a pound a day!...Unless you have a resting metabolic rate that exceeds 4000 calories a day.

Dr. Simeons studied people whom he thought were “diseased” with obesity and carried enough weight that increased their caloric demands significantly. These are individuals who are severely obese and burn more calories due to the work load it takes to move their weight around. 

We have found that fat loss mimics metabolic needs and only when combined with adherence to the boundaries of the protocol.  Your body will only burn fat as energy is needed and will only burn at the rate your body requires it.  If your body needs less then a pound of fat in energy (after you’ve eaten the 500 calories of food) you will lose less then a pound a day.

Be skeptical of businesses that advertise 30+ pounds of fat loss a month.  They are marketing what only the morbidly obese observe and are setting the rest up for feelings of failure when the losses are less. This shows more concern for short term losses, lack of interest for maintenance, and this attitude  is why the weight loss industry’s a complete failure.  Yes you can lose significant amounts of weight, but without the right help you will, like 96% of dieters, gain it all back. 

This 30 pound assumption also indicates their lack of knowledge regarding fat metabolism and the hormones we’re dealing with. Try to find a doctor or practitioner who is knowledgeable and up to date in hormones and fat metabolism.  A local Mind:Body HCG Weight Loss Solutions Clinic near you has the tools necessary to realistically estimate how much weight you should expect to lose during your protocol.